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Unique Greeting Cards in Fort Worth TX from Properly Wrapped

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Finding unique greeting cards for a birthday, wedding shower, baby shower, and other occasions can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience.  But we take the pain out of shopping for the perfect greeting card for you.

When you visit our online store or our gift shop in Fort Worth, TX, you'll see lots of unique greeting cards we found for you.  You'll select from such a great collection, you could choose any one and know you've made a great decision.  In other words...

We make it super-easy for you to not only pick the right card the occasion, but also show you have exquisite taste and an eye for beauty and design.

Bringing them to you wasn't easy!  We spent hours and hours searching through thousands of greeting cards and announcements to bring you the best, most tasteful, cutest and prettiest, and always appropriate selection of greeting cards.

birthday greeting cards from properly wrapped in fort worth tx

Birthday Greeting Cards

Birthday cards should make you smile.  Because they’re funny, cute, or simply make your friend know you care about them enough to have gone the trouble of finding them such a nice card. 

But you and I know you didn’t really have to spend that much time because we gave you a “can’t lose” selection of cards.







wedding announcement greeting cards from properly wrapped in fort worthWedding Greeting Cards

Our “He Popped Question” type cards for announcing engagements are popular.

The wedding shower and wedding gift cards are great and will help make the happy occasion even more special.







baby congratulations and shower cards from properly wrapped in fort worth tx

Baby Shower Cards

What can be a more exciting event in someone’s life than bringing a new life into the world?  Join in on the happy occasion by expressing your happiness for them with the perfect card.






love anniversary greeting cards from properly wrapped in fort worth tx

Love Greeting Cards

Sure, you can just text someone and say you love them.  It quick and easy, right?  But when you take the time to shop for and select the perfect card that says you love them, they know you’ve taken time and effort to let them know how much you care.  They will appreciate it so much more.





pop up greeting cards in fort worth from properly wrapped

Pop-Up Greeting Cards

These are fun!  You can’t open a pop-up card and not smile or even laugh.  They’re clever and do exactly what you want it to do:  make them happy. 







Greeting Cards in Fort Worth, TX

Our selection of cards are available online or in our Fort Worth Gift Shop.  We do gift wrapping, so it’s a perfect fit if you need a gift wrapped and a greeting card to go with it.  Many of our customers bring in a gift item and have us wrap it while they peruse our selection of cards.  We also have some gifts which we also carefully select to bring you a variety of “can’t miss” choices. 

Click here to shop online or visit us at our Fort Worth Gift Shop…

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