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While others consider their own feelings first and overnight gifts via Amazon and send special wishes through texts and emails, you will be the bright light of someone’s day when they see the beautifully wrapped gift you give them.

And when you add a unique greeting card, perfect for the occasion, they’ll be even more delighted and impressed.

Imagine the look of surprise and happiness on their face when they see your gift, wrapped in the perfect paper and ribbon, with an artistically designed greeting card where you’ve written your personal message.

It makes an unforgettable moment for someone you care about.

Here at Properly Wrapped, a gift boutique in Fort Worth TX for gift wrapping services, gift wrap supplies, greeting cards, gifting tote bags and special gifts, we provide our customers gifting services and products they won’t find anywhere else. And by the way, many purchase our products online from all over the country.

So whether you visit our shop in person or online, we can’t wait to help you give the perfectly wrapped gift to someone you love.

Gift Wrapping Services

Bring your gift to us or shop in our gift store for a wonderfully scented candle, a special personal notebook or something else we carry.

We'll wrap it for you with a professional look they won’t forget. 

Gift Wrapping Service in Fort Worth TX from Properly Wrapped

Melanie Jones of Properly Wrapped - Gift Wrapping Supplies in Fort Worth TX

Gift Wrapping Supplies

We carry lots of wrapping, ribbons and other supplies so you can be your own professional gift wrapping service.

They’ll be so impressed with you!

 Greeting Cards

Searching through thousands of cards so you won’t have to, we bring together a carefully curated collection of greeting cards for all occasions you’ll be proud to give. Add your own thoughtful message in your own hand, and you’ve created a special moment in the heart of someone you care about.

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 Gifting Tote Bags in Fort Worth Tx at Properly Wrapped

Gifting Tote Bags

From canvas tote bags to lighter fabric gifting totes, we have a wonderful selection. Great for gift giving and are a gift by themselves.

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Gifts For All Occasions

Scented candles, unique personal notebooks, special writing pens and other items we carry here in our gift shop in Fort Worth and also sell online make wonderful personal gifts.

So if you need a gift for a friend, a group, your bridesmaids...we have a wonderful selection waiting for you.

Pick something, then we'll wrap it for you.  All in one convenient stop for you!

Scented candle from Properly Wrapped gift shop in Fort Worth TX